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North America



Central Canadian Caribou

Hunter and big rackLocated in the Central Barren Ground Caribou's migration route and grazing area this remote paradise is an unexplored territory rich with trophy caribou. With 8-10 man mini-lodges situated about as far north as you can go in Manitoba, you will be poised to intercept the migrating caribou masses as they dash for the shelter of the boreal forests. Hunting the mighty Boo out of one of their tundra lodges is sure to be one of your most memorable big game adventures as this outfitter enjoys a 100% success rate year after year.


Cold Bay’s Big Brown Bear

bearConsistently taking big bears for over 25 years, this is without a doubt the best brown bear hunting in North America! Each year they take bears over 10 feet with an average of well-over 9 feet. Conducting hunts in both spring (even year) & fall (odd year) there are cheaper brown bear out there, but there is not a better hunt for big brown bear trophies than this one!


Colorado Buglers

AR002402This is a family run outfit licensed and bonded with over twenty years of experience in the rugged mountains of Northwest Colorado. Located approximately 25 miles from Steamboat Springs, Colorado this magnificent ranch borders the Flattops Wilderness Area and the Routt National Forest. They also hold the National Forest permit to over 110 square miles of prime backcountry wilderness. Guided rifle hunters generally have seventy to eighty percent success and archery hunters generally have around eighty percent shooting situations within forty yards. Average elk size is a 5x5.


Dall Sheep in the Alaskan Range

2010dall3This outfitter has been consistently producing trophy rams for clients over the past 20 years. The area in the Alaska Range near Denali National Park has had a 95% success on rams averaging 37”; each year they take rams in and near the 40” range. Not only does this area hold an excellent population of sheep, but the outfitter and his staff, consider it their primary objective to ensure you are successful in obtaining a trophy Dall ram. Caribou are also available on this hunt.


Dall Sheep in the Brooks Range

Mike DrnjevicWith almost 30 years of outfitting Alaskan hunts this outfitter’s experience is second to none. Utilizing horses in the Brooks Range makes this Dall sheep hunt less physical than most other areas of Alaska and Canada. Holding a healthy population of Dall rams, their average runs 36” – 40” range taking rams over 40” each year. With a 90% success rate, it’s easy to say that this is a fantastic Dall sheep hunting area!


Deluxe Argentina Dove Hunt

Deluxe Argentina Dove HuntOver the last two decades, Argentina's Cordoba Province has become synonymous with the phrase "high-volume dove hunting". The region has a delightful climate that allows grain crops such as corn, sorghum, wheat and peanuts to flourish most of the year. This enormous food supply is bordered and interspersed with dense hillside roosting cover, and the combination of food source and roost has produced a population estimated to be over 20 million birds. The dove do not migrate, reproduce up to four times annually and provide literally year-round shooting. During some periods it is possible to look across a landscape and see flocks of five to fifty Argentine doves traveling at virtually all points of the compass! With this outfitter, not only can you expect to have the bird hunt of lifetime, but you will also feel instantly at home when you are welcomed into a lodge that combines the elegance and tradition of yesteryear with the luxury and convenience of modern living.